Chief Solutions Officer

James Morgan


James Morgan joined Networkology in August 2017 as a Director. Having responsibility for the Data Solutions team, James has broadened Networkology’s service portfolio to include a strong Professional Services capability in partnership with big data vendors such as Splunk and Cribl.

In 2023, James took on the role of Chief Information Officer, developing and implementing the organisation’s IT strategy alongside providing IT leadership and direction to the organisation. 

James’ career started three decades ago, architecting solutions to monitor critical forecasting technologies for the Met Office; progressing to deliver Professional Services as a consultant across a range of IBM Security and Infrastructure monitoring toolsets within the Public Sector, Defence, Financial and Telecommunications industries. James’ time in Defence saw him architect and technically lead one of the most extensive network transition programmes in recent history for the Ministry of Defence, and by applying his Automation and DevOps skills to complete the transition on schedule efficiently, James also made it one of the most successful.

Working with global enterprise organisations and using diverse technologies has provided James with a solid foundation to grow Networkology and build the Data Solutions capability. In addition, James’ passion for delivering the highest quality service drives his team to ensure Networkology’s customers are more than satisfied with their experience of our Services.