Chief Financial Officer


Stefan joined Networkology in April 2018 as a Director. Having responsibility for Sales, Marketing and Partnerships, Stefan has managed and developed these areas to complement our Professional Services and products portfolio and continues to build our important partner relations.

In 2023, Stefan took on the role of Chief Financial Officer, a natural continuation of managing the financial operations of Networkology over the previous years, including the implementation of sound financial strategies that support the long term aspirations and stability of the company.

Stefan has held key roles at several organisations during his two-decade career, including Network & Communications Implementation Lead for Airbus Defence and Space. He successfully led several Technical Refresh, Data Centre re-design and global delivery projects for the Ministry of Defence during that time. One such project saw Stefan lead a team through a significant re-design and upgrade of critical data centres for the Ministry of Defence, who described the work as open-heart surgery and some of the most complex and challenging network engineering ever undertaken by the Ministry of Defence. This successfully led project resulted in a Joint Forces Commendation awarded to Stefan by General Sir Chris Deverell.

During his two-decade career, Stefan has benefitted from working in Defence, Manufacturing, Energy and Marine industry sectors, giving a broad range of experiences and skills. Taking the best of these experiences, Stefan put’s staff and family first to ensure Networkology is a vibrant and friendly place to work.