Chief Technology Officer

Stuart Monteith


Stuart (Stu) Monteith joined Networkology as a Director in 2019, focusing on the company’s technology roadmap, Performance Management practice and Security portfolio.

In April 2023 Stu took on the role of Chief Technology Officer, a continuation of managing the strategic technology road map for Networkology and it’s clients.

With over three decades of experience working in IT, Stu is a solutions architect at heart. Starting his career in the British Army’s Royal Corp of Signals in 1989, he became an expert in voice and data systems utilising various radio & satellite communication systems. As the Ministry of Defence transitioned to using IT systems, Stu quickly developed a passion and desire to be at the forefront of this evolution within defence. He then became one of the Corps leading systems engineers in ICT systems.

Stu’s private sector experience was gained within two of the largest telecommunication carriers within Europe, quickly progressing until he reached his goal of becoming a Network Architect in 2003. In 2005, Stuart joined the ATLAS Consortium responsible for delivering the Defence Information Infrastructure (Future), the most extensive IT transformation programme outside of the United States. He initially started as the Lead Network Architect and progressed to become the Consortiums Network & Communications Chief Technology Officer. Within this role, he was responsible for all aspects of the end-to-end Network & Communications solution.

One of Stuart’s career accolades was receiving a Commander Joint Force Command commendation in 2016 for his contribution to one of the most complex and challenging network engineering upgrades ever undertaken within the Ministry of Defence.