With over thirty years of industry experience, our specialists pride themselves on bringing reliable and effective solutions to our clients such as cable installation and building audit services.

Working in partnership the company ensures solutions fully match client requirements, are financially competitive and protect the return on investment for the coming years.

Take a look below how our Infrastructure & Passive Work services can help your organisation.

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Data Cabling Installation

Networkology has worked with some of the leading organisations across the world and has provided them with a full structured cable installation.

From the design to installation and then the after-sales support and maintenance, we take pride in providing your business an affordable, reliable and efficient cable system that will be fast enough to serve your business needs for many years.

Fibre Optic Installation

Whether it is used as a vertical backbone or to link buildings across a campus, fibre optic cabling offers a modern, cost-effective solution.

The major benefit of using fibre optic cable is the ability to transmit data at exceptionally high speed over long distances. This is achieved with laser light which is not prone to degradation over distance, travelling down small glass tubes. The secondary advantage is its resilience to external influences such as weather, water, electrical interference, lightning and even eavesdropping.

This means fibre cable can be run in environments where copper cabling would be prone to interference and cable degradation, such as underwater, next to mains cables and power lines or externally.

Building Audit Services

Networkology has vast experience in auditing buildings and their associated infrastructure.

Network Audits are often overlooked, at Networkology we believe that your business success is based on the performance of the infrastructure supporting it. To have full confidence in it you need to have full confidence that it is running at its maximum performance.

Our audit will give you a complete overview of your current infrastructure and highlight any area where we would recommend you could make a change.


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