The first step towards managing and monitoring any complex set of IT systems is to understand exactly what it is that is being managed.

A surprising number of organisations do not have a full understanding of everything that is installed and running within their IT estate, nor do they have a definition of what normal system performance looks like.

Perhaps you’re embarking on a large transformation or cloud migration project and want to objectively measure performance before and after? We can help with all of these things.

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The physical layer is often overlooked in modern IT, and yet large number of system faults and performance issues will eventually be traced to substandard equipment or failing cables that form the interlinks between the different elements of the systems.

PC and Cabinet


Do you know where each cable goes to? Are those cables clearly labelled?  And, perhaps most importantly, when were they last tested as complying with the standards that they were manufactured to?

Networkology have a full range of infrastructure auditing and testing services for copper and fibre interconnects, to allow you to gain control of the physical layer of your IT estate.


Need help with infrastructure work such as cabling or building installations? We have a number of Infrastructure and Passive Work services to help. Click below for more details.

Infrastructure SERVICES


Networkology work with a variety of technology partners in order to offer the most complete services possible. The Allegro Packets Network Multimeter is one such tool, offering granular data and analysis, enabling you to make strategic management decisions.


Capable of real-time analysis of any size of data flow on physical or virtualised networks, the Allegro Network Multimeter range can deliver real insights into the traffic on any network within hours of installation, and will continue to provide valuable intelligence for weeks afterwards, with minimal configuration required.

Once a baseline has been established, the Network Multimeter can be left in place to provide in-depth diagnostic information on current and past traffic flows, making fault diagnosis simple and rapid.

For networks where ultimate provable data security is required, the Network Multimeter can be specified with no persistent storage, utilising a 100% RAM-based database, guaranteeing that no data is retained after the device is turned off.

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Gaining visibility of the data flows on your network is very important, however it is only one piece of the puzzle. It is advisable to go deeper into the details of the applications, processes and servers within your organisation. Networkology have partnered with Dynatrace to deliver their best-in-breed APM and observability platform, allowing a full audit of server, network and cloud infrastructure servers with the installation of a single agent module. 



Networkology are able to provide an end-to-end snapshot of your software, network and cloud interactions using a variety of specialist toolsets. We use the Dynatrace OneAgent to help us map and monitor links, processes and dependencies between various elements of your IT infrastructure. This tool, along with others, allows us to provide a comprehensive report on the overall health of your estate, along with recommendations on any necessary remedial actions.

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Having a snapshot of estate health is important to understand what is occurring at a single point in time, however what is most important is understand how things can change over time. Networkology can provide a tailored service to provide regular baseline reporting, allowing you to understand trends, normal response times and a host of other metrics over a period of time. This information can be used to inform business decisions on IT spend, or to validate performance gains during and after important transformation programmes.



This approach of forming and then monitoring a baseline of your estate’s normal operation will allow any deviation from standard to be reported and fixed immediately, often before your users or customers are even aware that there
is a problem. 


We can help you get a handle on the performance of your production infrastructure, but what about your Pre-Production and Test environments? The final piece of the puzzle of full system reporting and baselining is replicating infrastructure visibility in non-production environments. This helps you truly get ahead of the game.


In conjunction with our other tools, Networkology provide network emulators, allowing you to replicate production environments and test proposed network or software changes in the laboratory before implementation.

How do your key packages respond to slow or degraded links? How will a remote office work over a high-latency satellite connection? Can employees run business critical applications from home over asymmetric DSL links?

Networkology recommends the iTrinergy suite of physical and virtual products to control data flows within your functional and performance testing environments.

To find out how you can use iTrinegy to emulate and test your networks before deployment, click below.

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