Our unique NAPA (Network, Application, Performance Analysis) product set, combined with our expert analysts, quickly and effectively drill down to the root cause of performance problems in your end-to-end network and services. Take a look below to find out more about our NAPA service.

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Our Troubleshooting service provides you with both the tools and on-site expertise required to quickly identify the root cause of network and application performance problems.

Understand when and where problems are occurring, gain insight into the impact to live service and take appropriate remedial action.

  • Short-term, rapid deployment to your site with our low footprint and portable NAPA product set.
  • Quickly establish whether an issue is related to network, server or application.
  • Identify the root cause of network, server and application performance problems.
  • Establish the reasons for degraded end-user experience performance, including intermittent problems when all your current ITSM tooling shows no issues.
  • Deployment of purpose-built specialist tooling and Networkology consultants.
  • Real-time visibility with historical reporting for the duration of the deployment.
  • Establish what applications, users and services are consuming your IT resources.
  • Comprehensive assessment with recommendations on remediation for action by your in-house IT teams or Networkology consultants.


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