Our NPM service is focused on proactive network performance management and monitoring. Our NPM product set, combined with our expert analysts, quickly and effectively drill down to the root cause of performance problems in your end-to-end network and services, identifying and avoiding performance issues before they happen and have a real business impact.

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  • You have decided to take a proactive step in managing and understanding the operation of your services and underlying infrastructure.
  • You want to proactively manage your network infrastructure, in turn protecting our business-critical applications and services.
  • You want to tackle performance issues before they impact your applications and end users.
  • You want to understand what applications, users and services are consuming your network, allowing you to make better informed decisions.
  • You suspect you may have a network performance issue, however it is not to the point of impacting large volumes of users, and you want to identify the root cause before it risks quickly escalating into a wider business-impacting incident.
  • You plan to introduce a new service and want to baseline your current service performance to establish whether any infrastructure upgrades are required.
  • You recognise that your conventional IT Service Management tooling doesn’t provide the necessary breadth, depth and granularity to measure or monitor your network performance and ultimately your users’ end-user experience.


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  • Quickly identify which parts of your end-to-end network and infrastructure requires closer investigation.
  • By providing end-to-end visibility and actionable insights, we quickly and proactively identify performance issues within your network.
  • Full flow and packet level monitoring providing unprecedented visibility of both your on-premise and cloud-based services.
  • Mapping of applications’ transactions to the underlying infrastructure to create service maps that accelerate the identification of problems.
  • Real-time network performance, behavioral analytics and health monitoring with event alerting to your ITSM tooling and baselining of your network performance and utilisation.
  • Migration Planning (incl. Pre and Post Migration support and reporting)
  • Identification of either the misconfiguration of network or infrastructure services.
  • Dashboard-level views of performance for your operational teams, management and stakeholders.
  • Customised reporting specific to your environment and requirements, detailing issues found and recommended actions to remediate, either in-house or via our team of consultants.


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