Our Network Traffic Management (NTM) service provides you with an on-premise capability to both actively monitor and manage network and application traffic at your boundary with the Wide Area Network (WAN).

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NTM protects critical application performance and de-risks your cloud adoption strategy by ensuring superior performance and user experience; imperative for important cloud applications such as Office 365. NTM provides you with the capability to clearly identify cloud, business and mobile applications including application flows.

By implementing rate control and flexible Quality of Service (QoS) policies, NTM effectively controls your network traffic flows to ensure available resources are aligned and optimised for your application performance.

NTM provides the protection and assurance you require to safeguard and guarantee the end-user experience to your users in today’s increasingly cloud and interactive service model.

Our NTM service focuses on active management of your network traffic, see the benefits below.


Our NTM service is focused on visibility combined with active management of your network traffic, providing you with:

  • Deploy QoS policies to manage both network and application traffic down to user level per flow granularity.
  • Implement Bandwidth guarantees and prioritisation for critical applications, time-sensitive applications and systems.
  • Contain disruptive non-business-critical applications and traffic to minimise its impact on your business critical applications.
  • Real-time monitoring of both your network status and application traffic flows with built-in dashboards.
  • Detect network anomalies by identifying traffic and applications before they impact your users and services.
  • Proactive customisable threshold-based alerting to your IT Service Management tooling, identifying among many other things when a service has fallen outside of either internal or external Service Level Agreements.
  • Reporting and trending capability providing valuable data for capacity planning teams, ensuring costly bandwidth increases are implemented before service is impacted and only when strictly necessary.
  • Scalability and performance with options to support 10Mbps through to 10Gbps WAN throughput.
  • Tactical (short-term) and enduring (long-term) deployment options.


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