Edge Hub & NCC Case Study

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has released a report showing that the UK’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have halved between 1990 and 2022. The UK is the first in the top 20 countries to reduce its emissions by 50% and still seen economic growth by 80% over the same period.

With the focus on sustainable operations becoming more critical than ever, many organisations are required to report on their GHG emissions. Measuring GHG emissions across your organisation and supply chain, showcasing quantifiable reductions to meet Net Zero targets, is a significant challenge.

Networkology has teamed up with the UK National Composites Centre and Splunk to solve this challenge using Splunk’s new Edge Hub. Our solution integrates the Splunk Edge Hub with energy monitoring sensor technology in a manufacturing environment to capture the power consumption across a range of facilities, machinery and technologies.

Our collaboration has enabled the collection of data from critical manufacturing equipment at NCC, via the Edge Hub and intelligent analysis through Splunk’s core data platform

The result? A smart, repeatable, sustainable solution capable of analysing key manufacturing processes and metrics, driving optimisations with real-time insights and visualisations. But we’re only just scratching the surface – a key component of this initiative lies in the Edge Hub’s potential for wider use cases. From predictive maintenance, minimising costly outages and downtime to measuring equipment performance and ensuring operational sustainability – the Edge Hub enables your vision to reduce emissions and demonstrate a path to Net Zero.

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